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Monday, January 3, 2011

The top 10 testosterone boosting foods!

Ever wonder if you were eating the right foods for your goals? You would be surprised at how many people eat the wrong foods and at the wrong times! The key to eating healthy is knowing what to eat and when to eat it but also to know WHY you're eating it.

Men are alays looking to add a little more muscle mass to their frames. nothing is more sexy than lean muscle. As men, we also love the ego boost of having BIG GUNS and a huge chest! But, how do we obtain those ego boosting muscles? Its more than just lifting weight, its what we eat, when we eat and why we eat that makes us grow and get those lean pounds of muscle!

So, I thought i would post the top 10 testosterone boosting foods for men. This list of foods will help you understand "WHY" you're eating them. No more eating certain foods because you saw it in a magazine but now you're eating them because you know why they work!

1) Oysters: Protein, magnesium, lots of zinc

The Facts:
Along with increasing your physical endurance, oysters pack more zinc than almost any other food source just six gives you almost seven times the RDA and zinc plays a key role in muscle growth and testosterone levels.

How much:
Eat a serving of oysters once a week, raw, cooked or canned but never fried.

2) Lean Beef: Protein, iron, magnesium, zinc, saturated fat

The Facts:
Few things have as positive an impact on testosterone levels as lean meats. Beef specifically offers the added benefit of high protein and zinc two nutrients key to optimizing testosterone and muscle-building potential in one source. And while you don’t want too much saturated fat in your diet, you require some to produce testosterone.

How much:
Grill or broil a lean cut of steak a few times a week. I love Top Sirloin!

3) Beans: Protein, fiber, zinc

The Facts:
Beans are indeed the magical fruit. Beans pack a bigger shot of zinc than any other member of the veggie family; some (like baked beans) even rival the zinc content of red meat. Add that to a food that’s high in protein and fiber and low in fat, and you have a winning combo.

How much:
Baked beans, lima beans, navy beans and kidney beans are all good choices. Canned versions are as nutritious as dry!

4) Poultry: Protein and little fat

The Facts:
High-protein diets have a positive impact on muscle mass and thus testosterone levels and high fat seems to have the opposite effect. So while chicken and turkey lack high zinc levels, their protein-to-fat ratios make them important to your diet.

How much:
Roast or grill skinless, boneless portions of turkey or chicken several times a week.

5) Eggs: Protein and cholesterol

The Facts:
Testosterone is synthesized from cholesterol, and as such, food containing cholesterol is a good source of building blocks for testosterone. Eggs are a source of pure, unadulterated cholesterol, and one recent study showed that the excess cholesterol in eggs isn’t as harmful as previously thought. So stock up on whole eggs (unless otherwise instructed by your physician). Or use the liquid egg whites!

How much:
Start your day with 3-4 whole eggs cooked in olive oil or fat-free cooking spray. The amount of eggs you eat also depends on your goals, body weight etc.

6) Cottage Cheese: (1% Milk Fat)Protein with very little fat

The Facts:
One cup of 1% cottage cheese has more protein and less fat than a serving of lean beef or chicken. Have it as a snack or with a meal for testosterone-boosting potential.

How much:
Eat 1 cup of cottage cheese each day

7) Broccoli: Indole-3-carbinol, fiber

The Facts:
Elevated estrogen levels lead to fat accumulation and can interfere with muscle growth. In a clinical study, indole-3-carbinol cut the largely female hormone estradiol in half for men. Broccoli contains high levels of indoles, food compounds that help reduce bad estrogen.

How much:
Eat as many servings of broccoli as you can stomach.

8) Cabbage: Indole-3-carbinol, fiber

The Facts:
In addition to exhibiting the same estradiol-restricting properties as other cruciferous vegetables, cabbage is high in fiber. Fiber is great for controlling weight, as it prevents the consumption of fattier foods. Keeping weight down has an anti-estrogen impact.

How much:
Load up that fat-free brat with sauerkraut and have a side of slaw just go easy on the mayo.

9) Brussels Sprouts: Indole-3-carbinol, fiber

The Facts:
You should have listened to your mom: Brussels sprouts do help you grow up big and strong. Like the other vegetables on our list, these specifically target bad estrogen and pack just as much fiber.

How much:
Hold your nose and power them down. Good luck!

10) Garlic: Allicin

The Facts:
In clinical studies, garlic’s active ingredient enhances testosterone levels and inhibits cortisol, a hormone that competes with testosterone, limiting its actions and breaking down muscle tissue.

How much:
Season other foods with garlic when you can, but eating whole cloves provides the most direct benefit.

The Basics On How To Eat For A Huge Testosterone Boost

Stick to the ratio: Men should aim for 45% of calories from protein, 35% from carbs and 20% from fats. As you put daily menus together, these numbers will help you maintain this diet.

Avoid high-glycemic carbs: Carb-rich foods high on the glycemic index can negatively affect your testosterone levels.

Think protein & fats: High-protein and moderate-fat foods are crucial for enhancing testosterone and, as a result, building muscle. Make these foods the building blocks of your diet!

Here's to a new you!
Matthew Eubanks
*this article was originally published on


Anonymous said...

u are a legend!! thanks 4 the tips

Ange T Kenos, Australia said...

Please alter you CV to include the term LEGEND

Anonymous said...

all the foods I like!!

Jon said...

thanks for putting this together! very well organised

Anonymous said...

Do this is frustrating because I recently read a study in a medical journal indicating protein rich diet actually reduces T. It was a 10 year study on Atkins which I have been doing for over 10 years and I generally eat exactly as you say. Recently had my total t tested and it's low 260 my free is good as is my hgh lh estrogen etc. I am concerned this type of lifestyle high protein while good for my weight control has hurt my t levels. I hope you have some data to back this up prior to advising men on this subject.

Body By BB2K said...

A protein rich diet does NOT reduce test levels. A poor diet and heredity can along with a few other things but a clean protein rich diet will not. I have never advised anyone to follow Atkins, the creator of that diet died of heart disease didnt he? You have never followed my diets and eatin as I have said buddy. I dont even know you, so nice try coming on my blog trying to discredit me. I can back up EVERYTHING I have posted on my blog for I dont post bologna! Get a life buddy.

Dya (NI) said...

Excellent, thanks.

dinesh said...

it is usefull information provided by u thanks
but i have doubt about the beans as it may increase cartisol

Body By BB2K said...

Which beans do you feel cause a rise in Cortisol? To decrease cortisol levels include eating foods with low glycemic load. High glycemic levels in the body greatly increase the production of cortisol in our body. Low glycemic foods include BEANS, carrots, apple among others. i hope this clears your doubts.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to try this out! Thanks dude

Anonymous said...

I need the above, but it also contains purines which is bad for Uric acid, so what should i do.. as i have high count of uric acid in my blood..

Body By BB2K said...

High uric acid level (hyperuricemia) is an excessive concentration of uric acid in your blood. Uric acid is waste produced during the breakdown of purine, a substance found in many foods. Uric acid normally is carried in your blood, passes through your kidneys and is eliminated in urine.

A high uric acid level may not cause problems. However, some people develop gout, kidney stones or kidney failure due to high uric acid levels. A high uric acid level may appear prior to the development of high blood pressure, heart disease or chronic kidney disease. But it's often unclear whether a high uric acid level is a direct cause or merely an early warning sign of these conditions.

Foods that are high in purine include:

•All organ meats (such as liver), meat extracts and gravy
•Yeasts, and yeast extracts (such as beer, and alcoholic beverages)
•Asparagus, spinach, beans, peas, lentils, oatmeal, cauliflower and mushrooms.

Foods that are low in purine include:

•Refined cereals - breads, pasta, flour, tapioca, cakes
•Milk and milk products, eggs
•Lettuce, tomatoes, green vegetables
•Cream soups without meat stock
•Water, fruit juice, carbonated drinks
•Peanut butter, fruits and nuts
•Keep well hydrated, drinking 2 to 3 liters of water per day, unless you were told otherwise.
•Take all of your medications for hyperuricemia as directed
•Avoid caffeine and alcohol, as these can contribute to problems with uric acid and hyperuricemia.
•Avoid medications, such as thiazide diuretics (hydrochlortiazide), and loop diuretics (such as furosemide or Lasix). Also, drugs such as niacin, and low doses of aspirin (less than 3 grams per day) can aggravate uric acid levels. Do not take these medications, or aspirin unless a healthcare provider who knows your condition told you.

Drugs or treatments that may be prescribed by your doctor to treat hyperuricemia.

•Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) agents and Tylenol- such as naproxen sodium and ibuprofen may provide relief of gout-related pain. Gout may be a result of a high uric acid level.
•If you are to avoid NSAID drugs, because of your type of cancer or chemotherapy you are receiving, acetaminophen (Tylenol) up to 4000 mg per day (two extra-strength tablets every 6 hours) may help.
•It is important not to exceed the recommended daily dose of Tylenol, as it may cause liver damage. Discuss this with your healthcare provider.
•Uricosuric Drugs: These drugs work by blocking the reabsorption of urate, which can prevent uric acid crystals from being deposited into your tissues. Examples of uricosuric drugs include probenecid, and sulfinpyrazone.
•Xanthine oxidase inhibitors - Such as allopurinol, will prevent gout. However, it may cause your symptoms of gout to be worse if it is taken during an episode of painful joint inflammation.
•Allopurinol may also be given to you, if you have a certain form of leukemia or lymphoma, to prevent complications from chemotherapy and tumor lysis syndrome - and not necessarily to prevent gout. With high levels of uric acid in your blood, as a result of your disease, the uric acid will collect and form crystals in your kidneys. This may occur during chemotherapy, and may cause your kidneys to fail.

Anonymous said...

is there any other foods that you can suggest as an alternative to oysters if you just realy cant stomach them... like tuna or prawns or anything?

Body By BB2K said...

Yes, really any other clean protein source will do, oysters just have added magnesium. You can enjoy Tuna and/or Prawns, shrimp, crab meat etc. A good idea would be to supplement with magnesium as well. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

You are so the guy above who questioned you. This is a classic response from somebody who isnt actually sure of their factoids (NOT facts)...and has to tell people to "get a life" simply because they are asking a question. Perhaps you should take your own advice.
I would never follow the advice of someone who is so rude and arrogant.

Body By BB2K said...

I'm rude? lol Please, this aint Burger King. You won't get things your way here. This is MY blog and when someone comes here and is rude to me, I return the favor. You appearently read half the story. I give my advice and what I feel works, if you dont like it then dont use it. That simple. That isnt rude buddy. So, you to can get a life and not follow my blog if you feel me giving back what I was being given is "rude". He claimed I was helping him with a diet that ened up lowering his test levels.. that is a lie. I have never helped this person before and never have I suggested the Atkins diet to anyone. I'm smarter than that.

Jason said...

What's really rude is when someone challenges someone else's credibility anonymously. Whether the information given is accurate or not, have the balls to be identifiable.

Thanks for the great advise. As an aging athlete, I'm always looking for non-pharmaceutical ways to keep my test levels healthy.


Randy said...

Thanks alot man. i have recently started lifting weights and trying to add bulk to my arms and chest area. I have all the bulk i need on the abdominal area. I have been using protein shakes in which taste like straight up crap. I would much rather get my protein intake from something i can enjoy eating. Any more info you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Akash Bhardwaj said...

Hey, the info is just super! All i still have in mind right now is will it affect my testo in any way if i'm consuming soya protein???

Body By BB2K said...

Randy, any protein source such as chicken, fish, lean pork, beef, seafood or eggs will help you grow lean muscle. The trick is to know how many grams of protein your body needs. The body doesn know the difference in chicken breast and whey protein all it knows is that there is food in the bell and it digest it ad send the macronutrients to where they need to go. Haveyou tried Big Blend Whey? i am a huge fan of their choco-latte and White Chosolate. The link is in my product review section. You will love it.

Body By BB2K said...

Akash Bhardwaj, I am not a fan of soy protein... for men andwya. It has been found to increase estrogen levels in men. Persoanlly i would stick to whey protein, clean foods and weight training. These will help you grow stronger and leaner. Feel free to ask questions about diet, training supplemnts Etc. anytime.

sam said...

i have encountered this blog in search of foods to increase testoserone levels.yes female. There is one problem, i am celiac,must eat gluten free,and no;soy,iodine,corn,sugar,fish(due to mercury) no preservatives ie;canned foods are out,no citrus,a long list of foods i cannot have. The first couple years i ate only eggs,and bannanas just to get by, i do drink milk,and have realized i need meat protien to breakdown my dairy. I am so sick of the whole foods ,but eat them anyway. So there it is. Any suggestions.(43yrs.old/passed menapause as well)

BB2K said...

Well Sam, letsstart off by filling people in on what Celiac is: "Celiac disease is a condition that damages the lining of the small intestine and prevents it from absorbing parts of food that are important for staying healthy. The damage is due to a reaction to eating gluten, which is found in wheat, barley, rye, and possibly oats."

There is no cure and this disease can develop at any age. However, your symptoms will go away and the villi in the lining of the intestines will heal if you follow a lifelong gluten-free diet. Do not eat foods, beverages, and medications that contain wheat, barley, rye, and possibly oats.

You must read food and medication labels carefully to look for hidden sources of these grains and ingredients related to them. Because wheat and barley grains are common in the American diet, sticking with this diet is challenging. With education and planning, you will heal.

The health care provider may prescribe vitamin and mineral supplements to correct nutritional deficiencies. Occasionally, corticosteroids (such as prednisone) may also be prescribed for short-term use or if you have sprue that does not respond to treatment. Following a well-balanced, gluten-free diet is generally the only treatment you need to stay well.

sam said...

thank you

Dave K said...

Good info man. My 2 cents, to support yours...

While I've never really gotten my testosterone or estrogen (estrodile) levels tested, I've done LOTS of experimentation on my own with easting certain foods to see if I feel or observe any difference in my body and especially sex drive as a result of eating those foods. Many foods are what you mentioned in your blog here.

What I've noticed was that the following foods/supplements improve a number of observable things for me (at least for me), being my sex drive, desire for sex, ability to go more times after having sex once already, and sperm volume (an obvious one to see).

I have to eat these foods for at least 2 weeks on a daily basis to notice any effects:

-pumpkin seeds, raw (and pumpkin fruit part too)

-red or dark meat- lean, organic, grass fed preferred (beef, lamb, bison, deer, duck, dark chicken meat, etc)

-eggs, organic-free range, from vegetarian fed hens (eat eggs raw if possible)

-cruciferous veggies-- it took a couple weeks of eating these daily for me notice a little difference)

-ALWAYS having veggies, nuts/seeds, and meat together (no separation, no eating just meat or just veggies, etc)

-chamomile and passionflower tea-- after reading an article that Chrysin, the flavonoid in them inhibits the conversion of testosterone into other hormones/chemicals, I had to try for myself. I like to think that I notice subtle increases in my sex drive from drinking chamomile tea every night before bedtime for a couple weeks. I certainly feel more relaxed and I think drinking the tea before bedtime deepens your sleep, therefore increasing your HgH levels and possibly testosterone (lowering your stress hormones from sleeping deeply should increase testosterone)

-Clams/oysters-- I can def notice a HUGE sex drive increase, even for me being only 24 with an already high sex drive

-combination of following supplements: Zinc, l-arginine, vitamin C, and Vitamin B complex (also including Krill oil for omega 3s, I'll mention this later)

-30grams of protein (for me) at mealtimes-- I've found that when I start to get less protein per meal on a regular basis, I definitely feel more passive, weak, and less sexually driven/motivated. This rule is even more important for people like me who are over 200lbs and are all muscle. I know for a fact that if I fail to not eat enough protein each meal, I feel absolutely horrible. I never used to feel as bad eating less protein when I weighed 170-180lbs, but now that I'm over 200lbs (all muscle), eating large amounts of protein apparently matters even MORE, judging from how horrible I feel when I don't get enough.

-Avoiding grains, EXCEPT for ORGANIC, non-GMO rice, buckwheat, corn, and a few others. IMO, grains are WAY, WAY over-consumed. In a hunter-gatherer society, even in pre-agricultural societies, people rarely ate as many grains as today (except for corn). On top of that, I'm convinced that gluten is toxic for everyone (esp for men in terms of testosterone/HgH). One fact about gluten is that that protein cannot be broken by most anyone. The kicker is that most people's intestines can repair itself more quickly than others after the ingestion of gluten... but still, why eat something that will eat away at your intestinal lining and is hard on your system... even if you aren't "gluten sensitive"?

-And while I can't tell for sure, I suspect that omega 3 (EPA/DHA) helps with maintaining healthy testosterone levels in an indirect but significant way.

Anyways, good article. Sorry for a long response but your blog solidifies what I've concluded on my own. Thanks for sharing! I hope my comment helps here too.

Hopeful Lady said...

You are awesome. I do not need to increase my testosterone level, but my fiance does. So you see, you can help us girls out too! I have gained a lot of info from reading your article and will let you know if it helped. Thanks, guys.

Vance said...

What about Greek yogurt and other types of calcium rich foods other than cottage cheese to help build testosterone levels?

Anonymous said...

This explains why every time a boyfriend eats Thanksgiving dinner they get really horny a few hours afterward. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Do smoked oysters also contain the benefits you mention?

Body By BB2K said...

Yes, oysters period. Doesnt matter how they are prepared. Enjoy!!

Body By BB2K said...

Vance, I wouldnt rely on greek yogurt for increasing test levels no.

Anonymous said...

Im a 19 year old male and i was wondering how long it would take to increase my muscle mass if i eat all these foods you talk about and work out twice a day ?

Body By BB2K said...

Anonymous, you need to find out how much protein you need first. The basic rule is 1.5grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. So for example, I am 196lbs 196 x 1.5 = 294grams of protein a day. Divide that number by the number of meals you eat a day, for me it's 6. 294 / 6 = 49. So I need 49grams of protein per meal. More is NOT better with protein, you have to eat what your body can use. Anything more gets flushed out of your body.

barefootking said...

Hi, thanks for the great info. Am I reading that right? If I'm 200lbs, I need 300gms of protein per day?? I'm taking a Whey Protein that's only 18gms per serving. I'd have to drink it 16 times/day to get 300gms. If I drank it 3 times a day, that would still only be 54gms. I can get the remaining 246gms from the foods you mention above? Not sure I can eat that much ... :-P
Thanks again!

Body By BB2K said...

Yes, you would ned 300g of protein a day. Depending on how many meals you eat a day depends on how many grams of pro per meal you need. I need 360g of pro a day, i eat 6 meals a day so i eat 60g of pro per meal. #1 your whey is not giving you enough pro. AT ALL. #2 whey protein isnt the best option. The body only uses 17% of that whey, the other 87% is wasted (pooped out). Nice to know your hard earned money is being watsed huh? I strongly suggest HumaPro by ALR Industries. 2 scoops is the same as 56g of pro. and your body useses 99% of that! Little to no waste! As far as food, there is approx 6g of protein per ounce of chicken, fish and top sirloin. So a 8oz chicken breast has 48g of pro. You can either take 1 scoop HumaPro (28g of pro) and 4oz chicken breast and you'd have 52g of protein. That easy. You can read more about HumaPro at If you want to purchase it go to on the right side it has a list of supplement companies, click on ALRI and it will list their products. I love the Apple cider Flavor myself. If you have any more questions post them here!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Try Optimum Nutrition Whey...its like Chocolate Milk...and very good source of protein

Anonymous said...

Quoted from: and in line with many other sources

"Soy does not contain the hormone estrogen. It does, however, contain isoflavones, also known as phytoestrogens or "plant estrogens." While the chemical structure of isoflavones is similar to estrogen, the two function very differently in the body. Isoflavones have been studied for a number of beneficial effects including a potential role in supporting heart and bone health, minimizing menopausal symptoms and reducing the risk of some forms of cancer."

Body By BB2K said...

Soy has had its shares of bashings.. The structure of soy is actually similar to that of estrogen so it can sometimes be converted to such.. Although it is backed by few scientific studies, things like bloat are noticed by most.

In HRT, soy is often used with other things or by its self. If hormone issues of any type are existing, soy can cause the body to depend on it for estrogen and throw the system either out of whack, or keep it in line.

Soy and other herbs are known for having phytoestrogens, as eluded to above. To take soy if you are male, or to take it when not needing estrogen therapy/replacement/management is just plain wrong.

Anonymous said...

Re: the first post and *men should eat*

um.. what about women? Some of us in the post menopausal category could use a little extra T also (not enough for a beard please)
I'm sure most of us would like a little extra stamina.. a hint more libido too but not enough to require a shave.
Thoughts? Hints?

Low D said...

do you know the connection between choleterol, vitamin D and testosterone?

Anonymous said...

I read this quickly and did not see anything about SWEET POTQATOES which are loaded with Testosterone. F Derrick MD

Anonymous said...

This is complete B.S. It is now well know that protein is not the cause of any increased testosterone levels in men. You need to learn the difference between correlation and causation pal. By your logic, since bodybuilders incorporate protein in their diets, then that must be the reason they have high T levels. So I guess you should also include being a douche-bag and wearing a sleeveless shirt on this list.

Body By BB2K said...

Dear Anonymous,

I think i'll call you "Chef Bob" seeing as you know more about food than me. Protein has very little to nothing to do with test levels. I never said protein raised test levels. I named off foods that help increase test levels and sperm count. Maybe you didnt read my article right? Or at all...? I thank you for your rude post and I would like to clarify what it is about thse foods that help get test levels up. So that way you can stop acting likea dick head.

A testosterone diet is easy to maintain, as long as you are aware of what constitutes good foods to increase your testosterone levels. High testosterone foods contain good qualities of ZINC. For this reason, some foods have been called aphrodisiacs. The reality is, including these foods in your diet may help alleviate the symptoms of testosterone deficiency. In one trial, 22 men with low testosterone levels and sperm counts were given zinc every day for 45 to 50 days. Both testosterone levels and sperm counts rose.

It should not be surprising that one of the best high testosterone foods are oysters. Oysters have long been lauded as a powerful aphrodisiac, and recent studies are showing that the reason may be because they contain high levels of zinc. Oysters are a perfect testosterone enhancing food to add to your diet.

If you are a red meat lover, then you already are enjoying a version of high testosterone food. Red meat is also high in zinc, so keep enjoying those steaks, as they are a very good part of a testosterone diet.

Other suggestions for red meat lovers include wild game, ribs, roast, lamp and pork chops. All of these foods are convenient to purchase, and all are considered good testosterone food.

Poultry also pack a good wallop of zinc, and is an ideal inclusion in a testosterone diet. Chicken breasts, wings and thighs are all high in zinc, and in fact, combined with red meats, poultry makes up most of the zinc intake of the average American.

Goose, turkey, and duck are also poultry that are considered high testosterone food, and are a good part of the testosterone boosting diet. Wild poultry is also a a great choice, and you shouldn't be shy about trying some quail or pheasant either.

There are also high testosterone food items that are not considered meats. Beans are an ideal part of the testosterone increasing diet with their high zinc content. Nuts are also high in zinc and are a good dietary inclusion. In the grains family, whole grains and fortified cereals are very high in zinc and therefore are good choices.

Finally, many dairy products are testosterone enhancing foods. Milk, yogurt, and cottage cheese are all high in zinc and ideal if you're looking for so called testosterone food.

So there you have it Chef Bob, ZINC is what these foods have in common and thats what helps with test levels NOT protein. I hope you read all of this and actually learned something today. Again thank you for your awesome post.

Anonymous said...

Is taking zinc in a pill form going to give same results as the diet ??

Anonymous said...

Yes and No. Zinc may help with lower levels of T and also may help prevent T from being converted to Estrogen. There have been mixed results however. For example a popular supplement called ZMA which claimed to increase T levels was extensively studied for its claims and the results showed no effect on T. However, it did increase levels of zinc in the body. In other words, over-ingesting this metal chemical substance may increase T levels slightly if you're already below baseline and/or already zinc deficient (which is very rare). Also, excessive absorption of zinc suppresses copper and iron absorption.

Anonymous said...

is the PP and Anonymous the same person???

DNH said...

Great points, thanks a lot! The thing is I'm a vegetarian and cant use many of those u mentioned. I really want to add T producing foods and good protein sources into my diet. It would be of great help if you could suggest vegetarian sources of protein and also those that produce testosterone.

Jesse Tedder said...

Try quinoa (pronounced keen wah) it is a completely vegetarian source of protein, in fact is has been labeled as a perfect protein food, look it up! I buy it a Trader Joes. Make sure you check out tips for preparation.

Body By BB2K said...

DNH, Jesse is correct. Quioa is good stuff, i just started using it this week for a change of pace in my diet. You can also use a product called HumaPro. It is fantastic and vegetarians use it all the time for muscle growth. 1 scoop or 5 tabs is the equivalent to28g protein. Give it a try.

icelandquest said...

Robert Atkins died not from his diet. He died from cardiomyopathy, an incurable heart condition which in his case was linked to a viral illness. His coronary arteries were reported to have been checked at that time and found to be free of blockages.

Also as a Medical Student there is little you can do to combat the loss of testosterone after age 30 you loose about 1% a year. Your food suggestions are spot on! Especially broccoli and garlic! Also, you should be looking for minerals such as Zinc that can help produce testosterone.

Anonymous said...

OK so get this. Why dont yall just try havin the mindset of a brute instead of lookin on the internet for ways to increase your testosterone? by the way this guys facts are straight and shouldnt be questioned. But back to what i was sayin earlier... What the fuck is testosterone gonna do for you if you dont know how to use it. Im all guessing your tryna increase ur testosterone for one reason, u wanna be more of a beast right? (more "manly" for those of u smart asses that were thinkin bout sayin somethin), "Well if i get eat all the right foods then ya ill get a T-gain" well heres news for u fucktard. YOU GOTTA USE THE T TO FEEL THE T! and it dont matter what you eat. I could eat mofuckin Luna bars all fuckin day and still walk round with watermelons hangin from my waist. I mean obviously food affects ur ABILITY to produce a certain attitude but if ur eatin Chili all day and thinkin like a bitch, then guess what, ur still a bitch. Catch my drift? sall in ur head, believe u have inner brute, release ur inner brute, reap the rewards of ur inner brute. sall mindset

Anonymous said...

typos for days. my apologies for tainting ur minds grammar nazi's

Anonymous said...

This a good read. There a lot of commercials now about testosterone supplements, i.e. Agelesss Male, and others. No one mentioned these. I am 60 yr old male, and have noticed changes in both physical and mental that in my self-research, seem to caused by lack of testosterone. Your input on these type products would be greatly appreciated.

Andrew said...

BB2K,thanks for the info.
Here's a link that may help some of your readers.

Anonymous said...

No problemmz bud.

Anonymous said...

Everything in this article is a scam. The author wrote this to feel better about his own low testosterone levels and poor eating habits. As a trainer and past Division 1 collegiate athlete, I can vouch that zinc does not increase testosterone levels, but in fact it does the opposite. This may explain why I assumed the author was a female, until about halfway through the article. I would advise everyone who regularly visits this website to proceed with caution and take everything "BB2K" says with a grain of salt because chances are he's lying. It's sad but true. :/

Body By BB2K said...

I love it when cowards post on my blog. Prove my article wrong Mr. Division 1 athlete. My test levels are just fine by the way and thanks for caring so much. Take a zinc supplement to increase testosterone levels, support muscle development, and improve work capacity. Zinc is one of the most common mineral deficiencies and having low levels will directly affect your training and health because it reduces testosterone, decreases immune function, causes stomach problems, and can slow recovery from training. Two new research studies from the journal Biological Trace Element Research clarify the importance of zinc to testosterone levels. A South Korean study found that in a population of 88 men aged 40 to 60 years, those with normal testosterone levels had a significantly higher zinc level compared to those with low testosterone levels. Low zinc levels were directly correlated with low testosterone levels and this has been suggested as a factor in male menopause.

So, Mr. Division 1 collegiate athlete.. suck on that ok?

Anonymous said...

Dr Robert Atkins died of complications from severe head trauma after slipping on icy stairs.
I am a doctor and a nutritionist, and I can provide proof that many of your assertions are incorrect. Some are in fact exactly opposite from reality. It will take me some time to compile this proof, as it comes from many different published sources and studies.
Here is just one clue that you don't know what you're talking about:
"directly correlated" is not a statistical term. Anyone who has taken psych 101 knows that. Correlational data is not reliable.
I will give you one thing though. Your testosterone levels are undoubtedly through the roof, based on the almost fanatically aggressive way in which you attack people.

Body By BB2K said...

They way I attack people? YOU came here to me I didnt come to you. I would love to see your studies, I do love expanding my education in this area. BUT we all know a study isnt proof of anything. One study can say one thing while another can debunk it. It depends on what study, how it was done, who did it etc. Many factors to keep in mind. My post isnt FACT but it is something that I have found, read and experienced myself and shared here. If you fine my posts incorrect or "opposite from reality" then go somewhere else. Its really that simple. I have made no claims that my posts are gospel and all studies done, the findings need to be taken with a grain of salt for they too are not FACT. If you feel I have attacked someone then thats on you, i feel I have done nothing wrong. But I will apologize right now if anyone is/was offended by my remarks. However, I wont sit ideally by and let people tell me I am attacking them, my posts are false and "opposite from reality". I will defend what I feel is correct. Thanks for stopping by.

Dustin said...

Great blog! Thanks for taking the time to do this to try and help those like me looking to learn new things and improve our way of life.

Anonymous said...

Seems like BB2K is listing a recipe to do something. Then there's guys are commenting on that recipe but that's it. What's the point, if you're going to comment and try to degrade one's suggestion then not post something contrary. Where's your suggestion on how to maintain proper T levels? If BB2Ks is so wrong...give us what you believe is right?

Dave K gave a list as well and based it on what works "for him" and meticulously observing his body and state. So I would ask anyone who follows this thread and decides to add anything negative you better add something positive otherwise don't bother.

Lewis said...

brilliant mate,

Already eating lots of the above along with a few other things. I do eat oats every day but a small cup with milk and protein shake.

Nice to get some further evidence to back my diet and internet research thanks for your time!

As for the comment about high protein "lowering" test levels. Well here is what i have found. Apparently if your proten intake is high (this means above recommended), but you drastically reduce your carbs it can slow the rate of testosterone production. Cant find a huge amount to support this so i wouldn't take it too seriously as it appears to be in EXTREME cases i.e. masses of protein and literally no carbs also the atkins was mentioned.
some information there.

I think the science of working out and nutrition is just as fun and interesting and pushing the iron! Well worth the read thanks chap!


Anonymous said...

Don't know if this has been mentioned yet (don't have time to read all the comments), but I believe most or all of the cholesterol in eggs is contained in the yolks. So liquid egg whites won't supply it, tho they are still a good lean protein source.

Anonymous said...

I get a kick out of reading this shit. Trying to fend off people from writing on your blog. Look people if you don't like the advice, don't take it and Fuck off.


Mauricio said...

Somebody mentioned that couldn't stomach oysters. Spinaches are a good substitute, they are loaded with zinc. Funny as it may sound, Tequila does as well, it is documented. You can try it the next night out with your gal. Drink it straight.

Santosh Phad said...

Heard that consuming lemon juice will help reduce estrogen, is that true, similarly heard that consuming lemon juce will weaken the bone. is this also true?

Delroyc said...

Hi BB2K is it true that Spinach supplies a lot of Zinc. I love spinach

Body By BB2K said...

Delroyc, According to the Office of Dietary Supplements, men ages 19 and older should consume 11mg of zinc daily, and women in that age group should consume 8mg daily. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 1 cup of raw spinach provides 0.16 mg of zinc. One cup of cooked spinach provides 1.37 mg of zinc. Spinach can easily be incorporated into salads, omelets and added to pizzas. In addition to spinach, other food sources of zinc include oysters, red meat, cheese, soybeans and sunflower seeds.

Delroyc said...

Thank you very much for the info

de scott said...

Hi, I need help on this issue. Does Zinc supplement work like the food that contain zinc inside the body? And is there any effect when taking 20mg of zinc supplement per day? What should a strict vegetarian do to avoid any missing of proper zinc and iron? i will really appreciate your answers Thank you.

Body By BB2K said...

Spinach has a good amount of zinc in it, you can eat it raw or blend it up in a shake. supplementing with zinc is fine just dont go over the suggested amounts.

Anonymous said...

good article, ive been lisftin and following a diet such as this one for bout 2 1/2 years, nothing but gains.... err'day. btw you should mention how lifting heavy (but not maxing) can also raise natty test, along with TIRE FLIPS!!!!!!! keep it up

Anonymous said...

Hi, BB2K.
im 43 years old, my erection is less. what i must eat. im vegetarian.

willie55 said...

Great information -- eat eggs if you are a vegetarian, the egg is unfertilized, you are not killing anything. Humans are omnivores, do not fight it.

Body By BB2K said...

I would see a doctor first. Maybe you need Cialis...? I would also look into vitamins E, B1 (thiamine), B3 (niacin), and B12 are all good vitamins to take to increase blood flow, but you have to take all of them. Ive read cootn underware and cotton sheets on our bedding has a positive charge to it thet effects the blood flow of our penis. Not sure how true that one is.

Anonymous said...

Great info. I've been working out regularly with good results, but not as strict with my diet as I should be. Thanks for taking the time to provide this advice. I enjoyed reading the comments too. One note, I think you misinterpreted the "Anonymous" writer that you thought was trying to discredit you. He didn't say he knew you and had been following your specific advice. He said he had been eating a low carb diet for years and it included essentially all of the foods you are recommending. So my take is you overreacted and alienated an interested reader. Too much testosterone??? If so, that just reinforces your advice...

Body By BB2K said...

And you assuming that i overreacted is just that, an assumption. :) I dont have to much testosterone so im not sure what you mean exactly by your comment.

David S said...

lol. It's sad that this is the top hit on Google for "testosterone raising foods"...

..But THIS is hilarious. In defense of his own words:

Body By BB2K said "My post isnt FACT..." Brilliant.

I ask one thing of you BB2K - you claim you have studies. Then POST them. POST links. POST where everyone, believers and detractors of this frat house basement gym nonsense can read your 'research.'

POST this research gold, this "something that I" as you so eloquently put it.

Mind you, I'm not saying you're wrong (I don't believe you're correct, but I don't KNOW for sure) - I'm just reading you barking your face off, and not showing any bite. POST your research, or stop claiming you have it if you really want to retain credibility.

David S said...

Oh, and to take care of any worries you may have, I am:

-an NSCA-certified personal trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
-AFAA cert'ed Mat Pilates instructor, with 3 years experience in indiv. and group instruction
-I have a BS in Exercise Science, during which I had to research, author, and present my own papers to a panel of professors
-Several years worth of experience in training general population, youth, semi-pro, and professional athletes
-1 year experience in fitness club management
-and am currently preparing for Physical Therapy school no worries, I'm definitely down with reading some research. So, please BB2K/Mr. Eubanks, feel free to enlighten me - and us.

Body By BB2K said...

Mr. David, If you want research papers then go look them up yourself. I posted info that i found helpful. I never said i wrote this article. Why you came here to try and bash me is beyond my understanding. Im posting helpful info nothing more. If you do not like what is being said here then you can either post the correct research info or leave. Kinda suimple aint it? I would think that someone with your background and education would agree with with i posted becaus eit is true. These foods do help increase test levels. So for now, ill continue barking and you can make the decision to read my posts and prove me wrong whenever you feel its needed or you can go away. Choice is yours.

David S said...

Here are other quotes from you:

"These foods do help increase test levels."

" I wouldnt [sic] rely on greek yogurt for increasing test levels no."

"My post isnt [sic] FACT...I will defend what I feel is correct."

" I can back up EVERYTHING I have posted on my blog for I dont [sic] post bologna! Get a life buddy"

...again - where's your proof? For all the nutritional, hormonal, and physiological advice you give here, there's little to no proof. When I want to prove a point to a colleague or client, I don't resort to telling them to go look up the evidence themselves.

I came here because a client found your joke of a post and asked me to verify it's contents. Again, this post coming up as Google's top hit for "testosterone raising foods" doesn't surprise, but does sicken me, and surely plenty of other trainers who practice evidence-based training. This parroting of crap from sources like Muscle Development cheapens our profession - end of story.

You can back up your words with proof - and appear that much more professional, or keep saying it's all based on "something that I have found, read and experienced myself."

Choice is yours.

Body By BB2K said...

Again Mr. David, look the research up for yourself and prove me wrong. anyone with the "education" you have knows what I posted to be true so why the debate? If my site sickens you or your client then stay off my site. Rather simple aint it? Zinc, potassium and magnesium all help with test levels, dont belive me? Google it. Have a nice day :)

David S said...

Riiight - so still, no research, no proof, you don't even say "I read it [here]."

So you're probably regurgitating someone else's information, and putting in your two cents.

...Just like loads of other "trainers" who back up anything coming out their mouths with their biceps, not books. You're a dime a dozen mate.

You refuse to post ANYTHING backing up your claims (in the comments that is) or supporting the article you pulled. Not a research article, an online magazine link, not anything.

I wasn't expecting much more to be honest.

Body By BB2K said...

So your work here is complete. You came to my site and debunked what I posted. You have proven that these foods do not help with test levels. Great job mate! So now you can feel confident about what you've done. I was a fool to think that these foods would help anyone. I was a fool to try and get this information out there, especially when gurus like you are there to debunk what I posted. My life is now complete.

David S said...

I didn't prove anything about if what you posted and the advice you give is true or false.

I'll repeat that - I haven't proven that those foods DON'T help with testosterone levels. I don't know where you saw me write that.

I DID prove exactly what I told my client I would prove - that ANYONE can post ANYTHING online, and for all he knows you are a web-savvy 12 yr old using pictures you found around the web to increase your plausibility.

I told him what distinguishes those who KNOW what they're talking about and those who just want to be HEARD (regardless of if they are wrong/right/or a bit of both) is that the former can back it up. Regarding information like this, they back it up with supporting information. You - you've just repeatedly said to go find the info myself, and provided NOTHING to support your advice in return.

YOU proved my point that I tell every client who asks me about fitness rumors BB2K. Thank you.

Body By BB2K said...

So you came here bitching and crying that I didnt post research studies to back up what was posted? Even though you know its true information? dude, are you nuts? The information i posted is true, think otherwise? Than prove me wrong. You came here to prove to your client that you know what your talking about, but why compare yourself to anyone? I dont. I easily could do the same thing with you but I dont go around spending my valuable time nit picking people and what they share with others in this industry. I may not be a genius like you but i do have many years experience in this field and I do very well. Your oinion means nothing to me. You should focus your time on your clients instead of web searching people you feel are inferior to you. You are a joke and you have proven so buy coming here and attempting to bash me on a subject you knwo it true. You sir have made my day.

Luis Lagarto said...

hey, great post -- it has certainly brought about some interesting discussion here.

i have a question to ask, and maybe you can help me: as a vegetarian (eggs and dairy ok, no fish, no meat), how can i substitute the animal products on your list?

thanks in advance, and keep up the great work!

Body By BB2K said...

As far as zinch, postassium and magnesium you can supplement those. NOW foods makes quality products. As far as a vegetarian protein, there is a product called HumaPro and it is amazing. 1 scoop is the same as 28g protein with no fat, no carbs and .5 calories. Go to for all the info and writes ups on it. They also have the research papers for those that like proof ;) has the best prices from what i've seen. Hope this helps!

Cameron said...

Do soy beans create more estrogen?

Body By BB2K said...

Cameron, Sorry for the delay in respose. Studies were done at The University of Maryland Medical Center and they staed that soy contains phytoestrogens known as "isoflavones", (plant-based compounds that have a similar function in the body as estrogen)They said soy isoflavones appear to influence estrogen receptors and thus the effects of estrogen in your body. Soy isoflavones can either decrease or increase the effects of the hormone in your body, but not the amount of estrogen itself. Soy also contains protein and amino acids, but the isoflavones are the constituents found in soy that seem to affect the estrogen hormone.

Blogger guy said...

I have read alot about soy products reducing testoserone as well as a diet too high in fiber or too high in protein.

Ahmad Khakwani said...

Ahmad said:
i am new one and want to increase the weight and muscle with natural diet so please guide me what do i use for that achievement..

pro ex said...

anonymous and dave both are crazy and old fools..they think that lived more on this fucked up earth nd got more brains.i think they have to do more research on the topic .body by bb2k is rite.

pro ex said...

i read this stuff..thts gladiotors use to eat garlic before going in war..nd slave of pyramids regularly consume garlic..strange now i understnd what the f* is inside garlic..i like it.thnx bodyb2k

A M Fitzgerald said...

I don't know if what you've posted here is true or not,but I can't find anything wrong with your list of health foods.
Also see

Scorpion said...

I've read this and the comments and hafta say I'm pleased by how thorough it's gotten.

I'm 37 and overweight (75 lbs overweight) and am doing my own research on how to best modify my diet to get the best results. Thinking of using a test boost to trigger a metabolism boost to spike energy and help with the weight control. I'm not looking to beef up and not looking into getting into heavy weights. any advice? would this be a feasible option to start from?

Body By BB2K said...

I have to be honest when I say i'm not really a fan of fat burners or test boosters. Do they work? I agree most do an ok job but I rely solely on diet, cardio and training. The more bodyfat we drop (to get out of the overweight or obese category) allows our own natural test to rise. Adding a test booster wouldnt hurt Scorpion but please do a lot of research on them first. Some may contain things that you dont want in your body. MuscleTech makes Anotest and it would be my first choice.

Ronald L. Severson said...

Brussel sprouts need not taste or smell horrible. If you soak them in milk or better yet cook them in a sauce with milk in it -- the bitter taste and smell are neutralized.

Brother Michael said...

Thanks for the article. As an older man, things tend to get out of hand before you know it. All the foods with the exception of oysters I like, so I will give it a short. Thanks again.

Conrad said...

This is all very useful information, thanks for the well put together article.. The only thing I wanted to say (someone else may have mentioned this) Dr. Atkins didn't die from heart disease. He slipped on an icy sidewalk and died from the head injury sustained from that fall almost two weeks later. Just a heads up. Use this info as you feel necessary.

Mohammed Daifallah said...

I think you are not rude as they think. It is your own blog and they are free to take it or leave it. You should be respected in you own place, your blog. I love this post so much. You are a good blogger.

Mohammed Daifallah - Egypt

Tom Holland said...

hi im a 37 year old male looking to boost my natural test, can you give me any info on so called "aphrodisiac" foods such as salad rocket(arugala)? i have always understood aphrodisiac to mean sexually stimulant foods and wondered does this mean they improve testosterone production?

Fred Cline said...

The foods to avoid are just as important as the foods to eat.

Staying away from refined white flour is just as important as eating beans and broccoli.

Body By BB2K said...

Tom, There are several "aphrodisiac" foods out there. Oysters are number one. They are high in zinc which helps with our natural test levels. Dark chocolate increases Nitric Oxide, the stuff of erections. Yes, it increases blood flow into the penis and that's just what you need for a healthy sex life. Avacado is rich in fatty acids that also improve sexual health. These are the top 3 I could think of, so enjoy!

Body By BB2K said...

Fred you are exactly right. Most do not realise how bad (dangerous) refined food is. There is nothing good about it and we should keep intake to a minimum at most.

Donnie Roc said...

Something in whey protein make my lips numb and stomach upset. What is your suggestion to get more protein in my diet. I weigh 260 and I'm 511.

Body By BB2K said...

Donnie, I know a few people that share that same problem. My wife is allergic to whey and can not have any. I would suggest food as the number one go to for protein but if youre looking for a product/supplement that can replace food then I would go with Humapro by ALR Industries. My favorite is the Apple Cider flavor but a lot of people i know love the orange flavor. I have a write up on it here in my blog but you can also go to and read more as well. To order go here:

Reginald Trotter said...

I have a question, I check my Testosterone Level through my Doctor, My Testosterone Level is at 458, I would like to increase that number to 600 plus, by eating a Diet that is high in zinc, what would you suggest, or due you think that number of 458 for a 47 year old Man is appropriate.

Body By BB2K said...

Reginald, Thanks for writing in. What you may consider normal testosterone levels for one person, may be different for another. As when you age, your testosterone requirements can change over time. The typical male testosterone level is between 250ng/dl to 850 ng/dl. In a 47 year old man normal testosterone levels are around 600 ng/dl.

Discuss with your doctor regarding the symptoms you have and ask for a hormone replacement therapy. If over weight, that can cause lower test levels as well so dropping some weight plus eating better foods as listed may help.

Reginald Trotter said...

Thanks Body By BB2K appreciated your feed back and support, I'M not having any symptoms, but I will lose about 15-20 pounds, and continue with the Healthy diet, that is supported by Zinc, thanks for your response.

Laidback said...

I just read all the comments and the responses from BB2K and all I can say is got Damn! BB2K, you shut down everyone of the naysayers. They all came at you with the same goal but different angles and you still smoked them out. I can feel the testosterone through your responses lol. Seriously though, this is some solid information. I am now motivated to get my testosterone levels through the roof.

Body By BB2K said...

Reginald, keep me posted buddy.

Body By BB2K said...

Laidback, thanks for stopping by. I'm not trying to shut down or "own" anyone, i just hate it when people try to prove me wrong or discredit me when they know i'm right. Like the whole posting the research study on this info thing that kinda got ugly. If i am wrong... prove it. PERIOD. I am not posting bull shit or things that are false, half truths oe lies on here. I dont now it all but what i do post is legit.

Silent_Observer18 said...

I read an article that says milk products as well as soy increase estrogen in the body? So is cottage cheese still okay to eat if your trying to lower estrogen in your body and increase testosterone?

Teo said...

Yo we'll put together man

aps said...

i am 39 having triglyceride level is 1402, cholesterol level 209, HDL << as 17, uric acid 8.7, weight 80 kg, height 5' 6'', no sex desire over last 5 years. suggest me what to do for living naturally free from any physical or mental problem. thank you for this valuable site.....

Curious said...

I just read everything back to January 2011 and I believe you know what you're talking about. So, I have a question. I am taking Tamoxifen, have started menopause and am having symptoms of too much androgen/testosterone. Do you think it could be as simple as lowering my zinc intake and maybe stopping my garlic supplement that I've been taking for 10 years to balance things out?

Body By BB2K said...

Silent_Observer18 Soy does but not that much, its kinda over rated. Whey is far superior to soy, soy is crap.

Body By BB2K said...

Aps, my suggestion is to see a doctor about any and all hormone embalances.

Body By BB2K said...

Curious, I am not a medical doctor but if youre taking tamoxifen, which is an anti-estrogen, your test levels may go up some. I would consult with a doctor first and see what he says. But lowering zinc "may" help. I doubt dropping your garlic supplement would change anything.

Thomas the Trainer said...

BB2k thanks for taking the time to help others!!! Great article!!

Body By BB2K said...

Thanks Thomas. I don't know a ton of info but I do help all I can. I really appreciate your comment.

dib rome said...

Hi i just ran across your blog today and everything sounds great. im a diabetic and trying to increase my t level and those are some great ideas to start working on. With trying this how long would you think it would take to show some sign. And i am now doing some walking doing sit ups im losing weight but not the stomach any ideas for losing belly fat

Body By BB2K said...

Dib Rome, it will take time but theres no way to tell how long. It varies from person to person. But weight training, eating clean foods like those listed will help a lot. As far as loosing belly fat, keep rest times shorter between sets, do cardio, drink plenty of water and eat clean foods. That will get you well on your way.

Stefan Georgiev said...

Doesn't celery increase testosterone ?

Body By BB2K said...

Stefan, celery is rich in dietary fiber, which promotes satiety. However, celery isn't ideal for boosting testosterone, as it doesn't provide the nutrients your body uses to increase production of this hormone.

Stefan Georgiev said...

thanks !

Austin Barker said...

I'm a 20 year old male and I have Gynecomastia, I'm really looking forward to Using all that you said in this blog to my Benefit. I'm not only going to be Eating what you have Suggested but I'm also going to be doing strength training Because I have read that doing Strength training is a good way to Reduce the tissue under the nipple. I know dips target the chest which is why I'm going to do them but I'm wondering if you know of any other workouts that could help me. Thanks!

Sweetie said...

I am a 68 year old male always healthy and reasonably in proper weight 6'1" 210. I am recently experiencing some problems, occaisional diziness,lightheaded,I never take meds never needed to. Lately though I have had night sweats big time. Every oher malady has subsided for the most part but for the last few weeks the sweating has persisted.I,by coincedince have been eating as you suggested in your blob,I eat a lot of veggies and fresh fruit. I have been lookng into this and suspect lowT. My wife and I have always done fine, lately no In interest.Is there anything you can suggest?
Ted C.

Body By BB2K said...

Austin, I'm not a huge fan of dips. Reason being is that they put a lot of stress on the shoulder joints. Especially bench dips. Be mindful of your form when doing dips. My favorite chest movements are DB incline, DB flat and DB flys. I always strive to use DBs over barbells. DBs allow me to focus more on stretching and contracting my pecs. Keep me posted on your workouts!

Body By BB2K said...

Ted, The sweats could be from your metabolism increasing. If youre eating healthier foods and exercising your metabolism will speed up. However, I would still go see a doctor and have him do some blood work. I sweat a lot at night, i mean A LOT. My sweats are from an over active thyroid. As far as sex drive there could be several factors playing part here. But i wouldn't wait, i'd go see your doctor and have him check test levels to make damn sure they are where they need to be.

Robert Schildt said...

my wife got tested for her hormones and came up way short on testosterone and estrogen. we are looking for natural ways to correct this especially with foods. Please advise!

Body By BB2K said...

If she is is low in both she may need hormone replacement therapy. Eating healthy may help but may not be enough. Depends on how low she is. Given the possible side effects of hormone-replacement therapy, natural ways to increase progesterone can be more beneficial for overall health. Certain herbs, natural creams and diminishing exposure to chemicals that mimic estrogen can help with balancing these hormones.

Chasteberry Herb
Several herbs are known to naturally increase progesterone levels. One in particular, chasteberry, stimulates the pituitary gland to produce a hormone that signals the ovaries to make more progesterone, according to Whole Health Chicago: The Center for Integrative Medicine. Not only can this herb help those trying to become pregnant, but it can also help with symptoms of PMS and other menstrual irregularities.

Natural Progesterone Cream
When used correctly, natural progesterone cream, as compared to synthetic hormone-replacement therapy, seems to have a positive effect on leveling progesterone without side effects. Dr. Loretta Lanphier, a naturopathic doctor who heads Oasis Advanced Wellness, notes, "Natural progesterone has the same molecular structure as the progesterone produced by the body," and helps with the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Even though this supplement is derived from natural sources, have your hormone levels checked yearly, as progesterone is fat-soluble, and will be stored in the tissues.

Reduce Exposure to False Estrogens
Unfortunately, modern society is full of xenohormones, also known as "false estrogens," that mimic real estrogen in the body and inhibit normal progesterone levels. According to fertility specialist Hethir Rodriguez, avoid as much as possible such xenohormone-producers as solvents and adhesives found in nail polish and paint, non-organic meats, plastic, car exhaust, pesticides, herbicides and emulsifiers found in soaps and cosmetics.

Hope this helps!

Serena Ryder said...

Do you want to make muscle and looking sexy? you eat right food for your body, because many people eat the wrong foods and at the wrong times, here gives best tips related to food.

Anders Heilmann said...

Impressive one ! I used to try promoting testosterone naturally for a bit and since I tried hard for so long it totally advanced my drive ;) I have tested and found that doing weights is very essential. for me to keep my testosterone high. After using most of the herbal remedies (such as tongkat ali extract) I'm also curious about testing testosterone cream. My friend is using a brand called Andro-plus...has anyone else used it? Seems legitimate but dont know yet.

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